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Title: Confusion
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Characters: Allan A Dale, Djaq, Will Scarlett; Allan/Djaq/Will
Category: very much pre-threesome
Rating: PG
Timeline: after A Thing or Two about Loyalty
Spoiler: for Will You Tolerate This?, Turk Flu, Tattoo? What Tattoo?, A Thing or Two About Loyalty
Summary/teaser: Will. Confused. Totally.
Word count: 1,252 (title and header not included)
Date: 04.01.2007
Disclaimer: The copyrights to the events and characters of Robin Hood belong to Tiger Aspect Productions and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement of those rights is intended. This story is mine, but no material advantage will be gained from its publication.
Notes: written for the prompt 077: What? (fanfic100-challenge).


Will liked his work practical and simple in design. And he wished his life could be like that. Of a simple, efficient, non-confusing design. But then, life was never like that. He had learnt that when his mother died.

For a short time he had hopes things would change when the Lord of Locksley returned from the Holy Land. Things changed, all right, but events - and his own stupidity of being caught for stealing two sacks of flour - landed him in the dungeons of Nottingham Castle. Where he met Allan. And thus even more confusion.

And before he could even begin to figure out Allan - and himself, for that matter - Djaq joined their ranks. He liked the boy at first sight, much like he did like Allan, only in a totally different way. Will was immensely relieved - after he'd overcome the embarrasing part of it - when he discovered Djaq was a girl. And he did feel more than a little disappointment. At least those mixed up feelings took Will's mind off the kiss that Robin had given him.

His worries doubled, he tried to keep his emotions to himself. And he managed admirably - or so he thought - until that fateful day the Sheriff captured Djaq. He blurted out his feelings. Tricky thing was - he was not the only one. There. Confusion.

Will decided to do the sensible thing. He would go for Djaq. She at least was a girl - even if not a typical one - whereas Alan was not. Definitely not. Will had just to ignore the fact he didn't mind Allan being a man. Then his life would finally take the straight route.

So he pushed it. He tried to be near Djaq whenever it was possible. Touched her whenever it felt safe. Djaq after all might take offense. And do something... rash. He didn't want to hurt her. Nor did he want to get hurt.

Allan became jealous. Of course he would. Will was just wondering why Allan was jealous. Or better: of whom. And Allan's jealousy both pleased and annoyed Will. So much for the straight road leading to non-confusion. He wished he could talk to someone. Problem was, he was closest to Djaq and Allan. Robin would be the obvious choice, after all he was their leader. However, Robin seemed to face similar troubles as Will and he showed no signs of being able to disentangle his own mess.

Better to ignore them both, Allan and Djaq. The thought saddened and scared him. And he feared the confusion would stay all the same, whatever he did or didn't do. He cursed under his breath and looked around. The camp was still deserted. He had volunteered to prepare tonight's meal after Much had argued he wasn't the gang's servant girl, ever left behind to do the cooking and missing all the exciting stuff. It had been vastly exaggerated but that was Much for you.

Will stirred the stew, lost in thought. The smell reminded him of home, of the days long gone when he was little and his father had no trouble providing for his family. Will rubbed his eyes, angry. The others were probably right. He did brood too much. But then he so very often failed to think of something pleasant or funny.

Normally Allan or Djaq would-- Will grimaced. This was just not his day.


His mood hadn't changed when the others returned. He listened to their chatter and watched them eating the stew like they were starved. He should take it as a compliment but they probably were starved after a long day of walking.

"Alison told me to give you her greetings. Her warmest greetings," Robin said, grinning.

Will felt a blush creeping up his neck. He'd been to Barnesdale a couple of times, doing some repairs in the village. Alison had offered to help him. In more than one way. And she'd been totally ignorant that Will wasn't interested. In any way.

Much laid a hand on his shoulder and said gravely, "If I had only known how much of a sacrifice this must have been for you, staying behind."

The blush kept coming and the others laughed at him. Will set aside his bowl and left. He hadn't the words to fight off their teasing and he lacked the strength to face it all good-naturedly. Djaq and Allan... He couldn't even look at them.

He heard Much saying, "What's gotten into him?" and Robin's reply, "The hardship of pretty boys, I guess." And that prompted only more laughter.

Right. This so was not his day.

He crept under his blankets and tried to ignore the voices and the laughter. He knew he was unfair but he couldn't help it. He hated the world and the world hated him. He felt absolutely pathetic. If only--


He suppressed a curse. Pretending to be asleep was not an option. Trust Allan not to leave him an option.

"Look at me, stupid!"

Freeing himself from the blankets he realised Allan wasn't alone. Djaq was watching him with those big dark eyes of hers. Perfect.

"What? Can't you just leave me alone?" He sounded childish. He felt childish. And Allan grinned at him. Damn him.


"Why not? Just stand up and go back. Follow the voices and you'll find your way. Even you should manage not to get lost in the camp." And then he couldn't stop himself anymore. "Maybe Djaq can help you. Bet she would love to hold your hand."

Allan's grin became even wider and Djaq gave him a friendly shove. Only it wasn't a shove. More a... caress. Damn her.

"And I would love to hold hers."

Will stared at Allan. There was his answer. He had wished for a solution to his problem and here it was. And it hurt even more than he had feared. Slowly he nodded.

"As would you," Allan continued.


"Shhh! If you scream like that Robin and the others will come and fight for your virtue!"

Djaq giggled. Will hadn't heard her giggle before. Not like that.

Allan sighed. "I know you would love to hold Djaq's hand. Come on."

"Come on what?"

"Say it! Do it! I don't care. Admit that you love her. I know you do, you said it before."

"You did, too."

"Well, no, I said I like her."

Djaq gave him another shove. A real one.

"A man can err, can't he? Okay. I love her. See? I admitted it."

Will shook his head. Surely he was dreaming. "So?" he asked carefully when Djaq and Allan just sat there, obviously waiting for something.

Djaq turned to Allan. "He does not know what is going on."

"Told you so."

"You did."


Will found this exchange rather unnerving. They looked so very pleased with themselves. And somehow very... cute? He cleared his throat. "Hey. I am still sitting here."

Djaq giggled, again. "Will's speaking."

Allan nodded. "Stating the obvious."


Will was on the verge of screaming and soon he wouldn't care if that brought Robin, Much and John charging down on them. "Look, it's quite all right. Just leave me alone."

"Why? We missed you so much, Will." Djaq smiled at him and now Will knew he had gone mad.

"We? Who we?"

"Djaq and I."




"Did you miss me... much?"

"Very much," said Djaq.


"Yes," said Allan.

Finally, the confusion was gone.


Tags: allan, djaq, fanfic100, humour, threesome, will
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