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Title: Intoxicating
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Characters: Allan A Dale, Will Scarlett; Allan/Will
Category: episode tag, slash
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: after Turk Flu
Spoiler: for Turk Flu
Summary: A light breeze caressed Will's skin, but he longed for another touch.
Word Count: 1,211 (title and header not included)
Date: 27.01.2007
Disclaimer: The copyrights to the events and characters of Robin Hood belong to Tiger Aspect Productions and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement of those rights is intended. This story is mine, but no material advantage will be gained from its publication.
Notes: written for the prompt 039: Taste (fanfic100-challenge). Dedicated to teenagelogic for her continued support.


"You're looking much better."

Allan threw Will a dirty look. He had taken a dip in the stream, to get rid of the stink from yesterday's and last night's ordeal. He put on his shirt, struggled with the laces of his trousers. His movements made it look like he was fighting his clothes.

Will smiled, relieved that Allan's spirit had returned full force. "You... look good." He was surprised how raw his voice had sounded. Allan froze for a second and looked up. Will surprised himself even more, when he took another step forward and ran a hand through Allan's damp hair. It felt like the right thing to do, but how could he-- With a gasp, Will let go of the curls, but before he could retreat Allan grabbed his wrist.

"I'm not being funny, but this is clearly a special pattern for you, Will Scarlett. Yesterday it was Djaq. Now it's me. Any plans for tomorrow?". Will blushed. It might have been a joke, it should have been a joke, Will wished for a moment it had been a joke. However, Allan wasn't grinning or smiling, he was serious. Seriously challenging him.

Suddenly Will's instincts screamed at him to get out of this, those same instincts that had made him touch Allan in the first place. He freed his hand. "I... I just wanted to make sure--" He broke off when Allan closed the distance between them. He took a deep breath and Allan's scent filled his nose. The bath had done nothing to erase that scent that was undeniably Allan. And Will knew leaving now would be the stupidest thing ever. "Djaq... that was an accident. You..." Will bent forward and his lips brushed Allan's. "You are not."

"I better be not," Allan growled and that sound attacked Will's body, went straight to his groin. He gasped, desperate for air, and Allan took advantage. His tongue darted into Will's mouth, quick and graceful as a snake, spreading its sweet poison. Instincts sprang to life, again, and Will grabbed the back of Allan's neck, stroking the fine hair with his thumb. Allan's hand pressed against his chest and pushed, ending the kiss.

"We... we should not... not here," he panted. "Rumour has it... this place's quite popular."

Will nodded and Allan took his hand. They crossed the stream, sloshing through the water. Will feared this couldn't be happening and he squeezed Allan's hand, just to make sure this was for real. Allan raised their hands to his mouth and placed a kiss on the back of Will's. Another shudder coursed through Will and he ran faster, taking the lead.

The moment he was certain they had gone far enough to avoid detection he stopped, turned to Allan. It was a sunny day, one of those days in early summer that let you believe the sun wouldn't ever go down. A light breeze caressed Will's skin, but he longed for another touch. The trees cast shadows on Allan's face and Will looked into his eyes, eager to know what Allan was thinking... feeling.

Allan smiled. "Go on," he said and Will raised his right hand. Suddenly he froze. What was he doing here? This was Allan, his friend. His boy friend. Another man. Surely he couldn't... But then he had already kissed him and Allan had kissed him back. He seemed to attract other men's kisses these days and although this confused him, he liked it. So very much.

"Go on," Allan repeated, louder, impatient, and, as Will still wasn't doing anything but staring, Allan hit him on his arm. "Hey. I am waiting here." But he didn't, he grabbed the front of Will's shirt and drew him close. "This, you will like."

Allan sat down on the ground, still clinging to the shirt, pulling Will down as well. Will lost his balance, landed with a yelp on Allan, who fell onto his back. "Umph. Good thing I chose you. Little John would have killed me."

Will placed his chin on Allan's chest. "You make no sense, Allan."

"Sense," Allan said and pushed Will off him, "sense had fled these parts of England when you watched me skinny-dipping." He straddled Will's thighs and his hand sneaked under Will's shirt. The touch sent a shudder through Will's body and he almost bucked Allan off. Almost. Allan stroked his belly, tenderly, in slow circles and Will relaxed. Well, not all of him. His cock strained against his trousers, it felt... not quite painful, definitely not pleasant.

"Allan," he pleaded, not even knowing what he wanted Allan to do.

"Got it." Allan got onto his knees and unbuckled Will's belt. Will raised his hips and grabbed the belt, tossed it... somewhere. For a moment he thought about the dangers of being detected, but the second Allan started unlacing his trousers the idea that someone could stumble upon them... well, if anything it added some thrill to an already exciting adventure.

With astonishing dexterity Allan yanked down Will's trousers and his cock sprang free. Before Will could protest against the sudden coolness on sensitive skin Allan bent forward and - damn him! - took the head of Will's cock into his mouth and started... licking! Will's scream died in his throat and he tried to not forget that he had to breathe, somehow. He panted and stared at the top of Allan's head, watched its slow movements. He reached out with his right hand, supported himself with his left arm. He grabbed Allan's head and pressed it down. Not forcefully but Allan seemed to understand the gesture and the next moment he had swallowed Will's cock whole.

Will fell onto his back and without a conscious thought he started to buck rhythmically, fucking Allan's hot and wet mouth. Allan grabbed Will's hips, his fingernails dug into the skin and the sweet pain made Will moan. He increased the pace, he was too close now, too close for waiting any longer. With a strangled cry he came, in Allan's throat. He fumbled with trembling hands, found Allan's face and touched it. There was something wet and Will sat up, slowly. Tears, he realised, shocked, and he wiped them away with his thumbs.

Allan swallowed once more and then he let go of Will's cock. He licked over his lips and Will grabbed him, drew him into a kiss. He needed to share this taste, his own taste. The musky-salty smell filled his nose and it made him dizzy. Fantastically lightheaded. He felt a laugh bubbling to the surface and he broke off the kiss to let it out. He took Allan's right hand in his and was surprised to find it sticky with cum. Will blushed. He hadn't even realised that Allan had jerked himself off. Will lay down, dragged Allan with him. Carefully he licked Allan's hand clean and he could feel Allan's contented sighs when he laid his head on Will's chest. This he would never forget.

Their breathing calmed, eventually, and Will was ready to let go of the world, when a giggle brought him back to reality.


Allan raised his head and grinned at him. "Not being funny here, but I seriously thought I wouldn't ever swallow anything again."


Tags: 1-05, allan, episode tag, fanfic100, slash, will
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