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It's Getting Dark

Title:: It's Getting Dark
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Characters: Benedict Giddens, Much, Robin Hood, Will and Luke Scarlett; the jailors
Category: Challenge
Rating: PG
Timeline: Will You Tolerate This?
Spoiler: for Will You Tolerate This?
Summary/teaser: How treacherous is the light of hope?
Word count: 375 (title and header not included)
Date: 10.04.2007
Disclaimer: The copyrights to the events and characters of Robin Hood belong to Tiger Aspect Productions and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement of those rights is intended. This story is mine, but no material advantage will be gained from its publication.
Note: written for 31_days (April 10: Recollection of light) and for the prompt 074: Dark. (fanfic100-challenge).

It's Getting Dark

Somehow Robin of Locksley means light to him. Always has. It has nothing to do with the time of the day or the season or actual sunlight - before Robin left for the Holy Lands they had certainly met in foul weather during the countless times Robin had visited the village of Locksley.

It's in his eyes. They seem to burn into Will's soul and he always feels exposed and at the same time warmed.

The last five years, the long time of Robin's absence hasn't changed that. One look into his eyes and Will believed in the defeat of the darkness that had befallen Locksley.

Now they await their sentence from the Sheriff and he knows Robin will come for them. There! The jailors appear, open the prison cell. Will does not mind being rough-handled, at least not very much. This can only mean one thing. Robin has indeed come.

"Everything will be all right," he tells Luke and Benedict and he almost smiles as one of the jailors clouts the left side of his head.

They are being dragged before the Lord of Locksley and Will focuses on Robin's eyes instantly. The scarce light down here is enough to let them shine. Will has no difficulty to answer Robin's questions with confidence and contempt for the Sheriff's men, only falls silent when that jailor slaps him again. It does not matter. Everything will be all right.

"What is your crime?"

"Stealing flour."

"Are you guilty?"

Benedict does not answer; there is no need. Of course they are guilty. But still that does not matter.

"What is your punishment?" Robin is so calm. Everything will be all right.

"Don't know."


This cannot be. Will knows that has to be a mistake, even before Much's "Now surely not!". He knows because the light in Robin's eyes has flickered for the fracture of a moment. He still focuses on Robin, despite the cries and yells of Luke and Benedict.

The last thing he sees before the jailors shut the door to their cell is the look of doubt Robin exchanges with Much. And while he assures Luke and Benedict that everything will be all right, he desperately tries to remember the light in Robin's eyes.


Tags: 1-01, 31_days, benedict giddens, fanfic100, luke scarlett, much, robin, will
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