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Fools for Love

Title:: Fools for Love
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Characters: Allan A Dale, Will Scarlett; Allan/Will
Category: challenge, slash
Rating: PG
Timeline: various
Spoiler: for the first season
Summary/teaser: Allan and Will
Word count: 1,205 (title and header not included)
Date: 26.02.2007
Disclaimer: The copyrights to the events and characters of Robin Hood belong to Tiger Aspect Productions and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement of those rights is intended. This story is mine, but no material advantage will be gained from its publication.
Note: written for the 1sentence-challenge - theme set Epsilon

Fools for Love

#01 - Motion
That move almost undid him and, when Allan tries to let go of him, Will grabs him and pulls him close: "Now!"

#02 - Cool
"This is fun," John says as he watches Allan and Will engaging in a snowball-fight, grinning - until they gang up on him, laughing like the children they sometimes still are.

#03 - Young
Will is too young to die and Allan is determined to sacrifice caution and selfishness to keep him out of harm's way.

#04 - Last
"The last time I saw Tom," Allan says and Will pulls him into his arms, ready to share another tale of brothers lost.

#05 - Wrong
"Again we took a wrong turn, Will, aren't you supposed to know these parts?" Allan asks and Will cannot hide his satisfaction that they will be on their own for at least another night.

#06 - Gentle
"Of course I can be gentle," Allan says, exasperated, but Will doesn't care that the wanderings of Allan's rough tongue disclose him as a liar the next moment.

#07 - One
Will would never have expected to meet the One in jail and Allan would never have expected to meet the One ever.

#08 - Thousand
Allan had told Will a thousand times that he loved him and in a thousand different ways, so Will finally found the courage: "I love you."

#09 - King
When Will told them the King was on his way to Nottingham, Allan's heart stopped beating for a second or two and suddenly he knew how much he had to lose.

#10 - Learn
"I've never kissed a man before," Will said, but Allan didn't worry, knowing Will Scarlett was a quick study.

#11 - Blur
Allan hadn't seen the blow coming and the first thing that made it through the blur was Will's concerned face, so very to close to his.

#12 - Wait
Allan had been determined to wait before he made his move, anxious not to scare him away, but Will stubbornly ignored all those subtle signals he sent him, so he decided on another strategy.

#13 - Change
"What about touching another hardness than wood for a change?" Allan asked and Will blushed dutifully and beautifully.

#14 - Command
"I do not care if Robin is in command, I will not ask him whom I'm allowed to shag!" Allan said furiously and Will all but collapsed to the ground, laughing.

#15 - Hold
Will didn't mind holding hands with Allan, to be honest he very much liked it and it was hard to remember to let go of his hand before they reached the camp.

#16 - Need
"You do not need to come with me, I'm not a boy," Will said for the hundredth time and this time he added, "but it's nice that you do."

#17 - Vision
Sometimes Allan imagined himself and Will growing old together and that scared him shitless.

#18 - Attention
If the others paid attention, they would certainly see how often Allan and Will touched, seemingly by accident.

#19 - Soul
Allan often teases Will about being a prettyboy, but never when he sees his beautiful soul: when Will's heart breaks after a failed rescue mission, when he laughs with some villagers they provided with food or money, when he whispers Allan's name while they make love.

#20 - Picture
After Tom was killed Will has a hard time to picture a laughing Allan in his mind and he prays every night that the smile will return before he forgets the sight for good.

#21 - Fool
I'm a fool to trust like this, Allan thinks as he follows Will back to the cave.

#22 - Mad
Normally Will finds calm and satisfaction when he works with wood, but when Allan is mad at him he can't keep his hands still enough to hold his knife steady.

#23 - Child
Looking after Baby Seth had given them hours of unexpected happiness and feigning relief after his mother had taken him with her was just an act.

#24 - Now
They love and live now, they didn't share a past and they won't have a future.

#25 - Shadow
Although he sometimes feels like he's living in perfect Will Scarlett's shadow, Allan trusts Will to turn around and watch out for him.

#26 - Goodbye
"Don't ever say goodbye, not even when-" Will breaks off and Allan understands.

#27 - Hide
Will has found Allan's stash of ale and instead of ratting on him they both share another secret and the ale; clearly Allan is a wonderfully bad influence.

#28 - Fortune
"I am a soldier of fortune and now I have found my treasure", Allan tells Will and he means it and Will believes him.

#29 - Safe
"Nottingham is not safe," Robin says and Will and Allan answer in unison: "Nothing ever is."

#30 - Ghost
Allan hesitates, staring at the arrow, and Will gives him the ghost of a smile: "Get it out!"

#31 - Book
Will knows some fine passages from the Bible, Robin can quote the Quran and Allan needs no book-learning to whisper beautiful words into Will's ear.

#32 - Eye
"Keep an eye on him," Robin tells him and Allan runs after Will, not wondering for a single second when he became a caretaker.

#33 - Never
Will vows to never leave Allan and he knows he probably will break the vow, so he swears to come back ever after.

#34 - Sing
The third time Will teases him with the story Allan yells at him: "I was a fake minstrel to get into a stronghold and there is no reason to break out into song in the middle of a forest!"

#35 - Sudden
Allan hopes for a sudden death because he's afraid to see Will watching him die.

#36 - Stop
Will stops abruptly, turns around, grabs Allan and kisses him, hard.

#37 - Time
"How much time have we left?" Allan asked and Will shook his head and together they refused to face the truth.

#38 - Wash
It's Will's turn to wash their stuff and he smiles at the memories evoked by the smell of Allan's clothes.

#39 - Torn
Will had never expected he would have to choose between Allan and the others and the pain made it impossible to think clearly.

#40 - History
It should matter that he has a history as a liar and a fraud, Will thinks, it should matter.

#41 - Power
"Not in my power," Djaq said and Will remembered the last time he had cried, hoping for another miracle.

#42 - Bother
When Will desperately tells him that he snores Allan couldn't be bothered less: "Not working, Will, I'm still interested."

#43 - God
The good people of Locksley cheered them when they killed Gisborne's men and they called them godless when they caught them kissing during the celebrations.

#44 - Wall
Will reached down and helped Allan climbing up the wall; together they could go anywhere.

#45 - Naked
Will has never seen Allan so naked and he would die before betraying his trust.

#46 - Drive
Rumour has it that Allan A Dale drives people insane with his silver tongue and Will knows the rumour to be true.

#47 - Harm
"This is totally harmless - do you think I would lie to you about this?" Allan asks and Will knows they are in trouble.

#48 - Precious
Allan's holds a bag full of coins and silverware in his hands and all he can do is stare at the young man sitting next to him, looking as miserable as a drowned rat.

#49 - Hunger
There is this hunger that grows with every kiss and touch, this is a hunger that will never be satisfied and Will Scarlett - who already has lost a loved one to starving - cannot resist to give into this craving.

#50 - Believe
"This is stupid, Will, I am not a man of faith but here I am believing in this and you."

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