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The Lord Is Thy Shepherd

Title:: The Lord Is Thy Shepherd
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Characters: Robin Hood, Will Scarlett; Robin/Will; Allan/Will implied, Marian/Robin implied
Category: angst, slash
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: before Dead Man Walking
Spoiler: for Dead Man Walking, The Return of the King
Summary/teaser: Sherwood will end.
Word count: 1,324 (title and header not included)
Date: 05.01.2007
Disclaimer: The copyrights to the events and characters of Robin Hood belong to Tiger Aspect Productions and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). No infringement of those rights is intended. This story is mine, but no material advantage will be gained from its publication.
Note: written for the prompt 003: Ends. (fanfic100-challenge)

The Lord Is Thy Shepherd

"And that is all?"

Will nodded.

"Are you sure?"

Will reminded himself that Robin did trust him with this and that he was only anxious. On behalf of his people. He might have lost his lands but he did care for what should be rightfully his. "Yes. I am sure." He watched Robin carefully, before he continued. "There's one more thing. Thornton told me I should come more often."

"That is too dangerous, Will."

"This is important. For you."

"Yes. So I should be going to Locksley Manor."

"Now that would be foolish."

"And you spying for me is not?"

"I would call it less foolish."

Robin laughed softly and a shiver ran down Will's back. He loved talking to Robin. He always listened to him, always heard him out, even when he struggled to find the right words. Not only when they were speaking in private, like now. He was the youngest but Robin valued his advice.

"Robin, you know I'm right. It's profitable to betray you. Some day someone will be desparate enough to do so."

The hurt expression on Robin's face made him regret that he was being so blunt. But then he couldn't lie to him. Nonetheless, he couldn't leave him like that. "Besides... I'm better at this than you."

"Are you now?"

Will had a hard time holding back the laughter. Robin had actually sounded annoyed. He nodded and when Robin glared at him he couldn't suppress the grin any longer. "I know it and you know it. You all think you are a cunning fox but you are no match for me when it comes to wit."

It took Robin several moments to realise what Will had just said but then he was charging at him like a bull. "Scarlett, you cocky bastard!"

He avoided the first attack and the second and then Robin managed to tackle him. With a distinct "Uff!" he landed on the ground and Robin was sitting on his back, pressing down both of his arms. Will spat to get leaves and dirt out of his mouth. "Remind me why I risk my life for you." He'd wanted to speak in jest, but it came out dead serious.

Robin let go off his arms, got off his back and turned him around. "What?" Obviously Will wasn't the only one surprised by the sudden change in his tone.

"You heard me." He propped himself up on his elbows. "Tell me, Robin", he whispered.

Swallowing hard, Robin sat down, close, so very close to Will. With his left hand he caressed Will's cheek. "Because it is important. For me. Thanks to you I still have some control over Locksley, can still take on some responsibility for my people. Thanks to you I will be a match for the Sheriff when I claim my possessions." Will sat up, grabbed Robin's hand and kissed each of the fingertips. "Will, don't. Allan will--"

"Allan won't mind." He placed a kiss on the palm. "Do you?"

"No. I don't." Tenderly Robin laid his hand on Will's chest, made him lie down again. "Not at all."

He straddled Will, pinned his arms and smiled. Will had trouble to breathe properly. There were times he cared for Robin so very much that it hurt. "Robin--"

He was relieved Robin's kiss stopped him - he never could have expressed his thoughts anyway. He sucked Robin's tongue into his mouth and moaned. Robin answered with a chuckle that Will could only feel. He raised his head as much as possible, pressing his lips on Robin's. He wanted more, needed more.

Robin released his arms and Will grabbed Robin's neck. His tongue invaded Robin's mouth. Now it was Robin's turn to moan and a wild fire flooded Will's body. It left a tingling sensation. Rather belatedly Will realised he was rock-hard and he pushed Robin back. With a sigh he freed his erection and touched himself.

"No! Wait!" Robin all but yelled and the next moment his body was covering Will's. Robin struggled a bit, pushing down his trousers, and then there was blissful friction and impossible heat. Will moved, frantically, instinctively, to get away from that heat, but Robin took his mind off it by kissing him, hard, on the mouth and when Will opened his lips he pushed his tongue in. And then... he began rocking. Will shuddered and his head fell back. He moaned and Robin increased the pace.

They were both panting now and sweating, and the smell made Will light-headed. If he managed to get a taste of that... He grabbed Robin's head, tilted it. Robin uttered a small cry when Will's tongue found the base of his neck and started licking. Robin rocked even harder and Will was certain this was killing him. Again he pushed at Robin but before he could escape he came with a soundless cry. Robin followed the fraction of a seond later and he rolled off Will.

It took Will a while to gather his senses. And almost instantly the ache returned. He didn't want Robin to see what he did to him. He took off his shirt and cleaned himself a bit. "I better change and go back."

Robin grabbed his arm. "Will?"


"Are you all right?"

There was honest concern in his voice and Will found that he could face Robin after all. "Of course."

Robin drew him into an embrace. "There is no need to rush."

There was, but Will couldn't tell Robin that. Couldn't tell him that this was nothing... serious. Robin loved Marian, and he had Allan. He wouldn't want to lose Allan. Not even for Robin. Still, there wasn't any harm in staying a bit longer. It was so easy to relax in Robin's arms. As long as he didn't close his eyes and started imagining the impossible... Better to find a way back to reality.

"Allan shouldn't go alone." There was a woman in Nottingham in dire need of help. Her husband had been beaten to death two days ago. Robin had decided it was worth the risk. And Allan had volunteered to deliver the money.

"I thought you would come with me to meet Luke. Allan will be perfectly fine on his own."

"Are we talking about the same Allan?"

"Will, Nottingham is crawling with soldiers."

"All the more reason Allan shouldn't go alone. What just happened does not give you the right to protect me any more than the others."

Robin let go of him and stared at him. "What are you talking about?"

"You do the same to Marian, all the time. Like you possess her." Will bit his lip. He knew he'd gone too far. "I am sorry, Robin, I didn't mean to--"

But Robin was already on his feet. "Yes, you did. This--" He looked down and started fastening his trousers. "This might not give me the right to protect you, but it surely does not give you any right to talk to me like that."

"I am sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I know you care for Marian and you fear that she will marry Gisborne. But if you push her too hard you will drive her away."

"What is it to you, Will?"

"Damn it, I do care for you!" That was the wrongest thing he could have said. He should have left a long time ago.

"Then why don't you give this a chance--"

"There is no chance. This will end. Sherwood will end. You will return to Locksley Manor. Or die trying." Robin still stared at him. "I don't think you will die. You will succeed. And then... then you can protect those you care about."

After what seemed to be an eternity Robin nodded and Will almost swayed with relief. "And what will you do, Will?"

There was only one answer to that. "I go to Nottingham. With Allan."


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